Antonio Cobos - Dean of the Association of Art Critics.

…”They are paintings that have been conceived in dreams, where all is magic and fantasy, and are primarily created for others to dream”.


Roldan can be considered: “fuera de serie”, exceptional, not only for his intrinsic quality, but also for that situation of being a clear exponent of that creativity, which must be demanded from all painters that crave for singularity at this point of the XXth century.

Eventhoug he departs from living nature, this work is offered to us beautifully synthetize, for having being transmuted in the crucible of this artist´s sensibility, as well as in his pictorial wisdom. In C. Arean words, reffering to the manner of painting of B. Palencia, that of Roldan is “ extremely wise, but has the modesty of not appearing to be so”.

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