Pedro López Ávila. Professor and Writer.


We will never know which is the energy where the work of art drinks, from which breath it is nourished or from where the enigmatic essences gathers the creative talent of the artist.

What we can intuit is that Pedro Roldán's work arises from an extreme inner need, which emanates from a secret and remarkable sensitivity, to express his emotional intimacy in the humid mist of the landscape and thus be able to execute his mystic plastic diction.

The fairies that illuminate the colors and the geometric perfection of the drawing would not be enough to explain the transition from reality to mystery. In the work of Pedro Roldán the mystery must be felt, and explaining it would be as much as compressing it.

The word and the image can be shown incompatible, it may even seem that they repel: the sap in the snow, the fire reflected in the stillness and the calmness of the lake or the trees in winged borders can shake our emotional state; however, the images in Roldán's work link concepts that go beyond the rational, the conscience and the logic, that transports us to a world furrowed by the dream, on the edge of the unconscious or of other dimensions that only He is able to express with masterful intuition.

The spaces of Pedro Roldan are solitary fields in the crepuscular hours or superb architectural proposals of a time that seems to be stopped, where the suggested sensations prevail more than the beauty of the landscape itself.

His work process is slow, slow, perfectionist and rhythmic with all the chromatic possibilities that spring from the material; conquering, therefore, the complexities of color, so that it is arranged in such a way as to make light float (natural or artificial) without any element or texture being discordant in the harmony and balance of his work.

In short, in each of Pedro Roldán's creations, reality, fantasy and dream are perpetuated, with technical findings so personal that it seems impossible to carry out a cold analysis on loans or influences from other artists, because he is a man with a So intangible vision of the world that the contradiction between the unreal and the experience is only apparent.

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